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Abraham Childers (1750-1849)

Son of Henry Childers and Susannah Goolsby

Abraham Childers was the son of Henry Childers and Susannah Goolsby.

He was born Nov. 15, 1750 Buckingham County VA.

Lived for several decades in Russell County, VA

He died May 6, 1849 Letcher Co KY.

Abraham Childers was born in Buckingham Co. Virginia but was raised in Amherst County Virginia. He lived on the River Tye which is the Piney River on modern maps. He might have lived in what is present Nelson County as Nelson County was formed 1806-1807 from Amherst County. The Piney/Tye River flows across Nelson County in the southern tip of the county and enters the James River on the border between Nelson and Buckingham Counties.

Abraham Childers served during the American Revolution under in the Continental Line from Virginia, the 4th or 5th Regiment from about 6 months before the Battle of Brandywine which was fought Sept. 11, 1777 until shortly after the surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown on Oct. 19, 1781. For the first 18 months of his service he was a cook under General George Washington. He fought in battles at Jamestown , Morbin Hill, and Brandywine. For a short time after the Revolutionary War Abraham Childers lived in Buckingham County Virginia.

By 1786 Abraham Childers must have moved to Russell Co. Virginia as he married Elizabeth Roberts in that year. They had four children. They continued to live in Russell County until after 1810, during which all their ten children were born. Sometime between 1810 and 1820 the Childers family moved to Kentucky. They first lived in Floyd County where he appears on the 1820 census. By 1830 they were living in Perry County which would have adjoined Floyd County at that time. Elizabeth died there in 1833. By 1834 Abraham was living in Lawrence County Kentucky which adjoined Floyd County on the north at that time. He does not appear on the 1840 census, but since his wife had died and he was 90 years old at the time, he must have been living with one of his children. He died in Letcher County in May of 1849 when he was a few months short of being one hundred years old. His son Goolsby and daughter Elizabeth were living in Letcher County at that time.

New Information:

From Russell County Order Books…….

CHILDRIS (Childress), Abraham; m. LUCY, widow of Joseph Blair (RCV LOB 2:441) ("...Lucy Childris late Lucy Blair...") & (RCV LOB 2:451, Apr 1798) ("...admin. of estate of Joseph Blair...Abraham Childris & Lucy, wife...")

Page 168 - March 1, 1808 between Abram Childers & Elizabeth and Jesse Fuller...on the north side of Clinch River, land sold by Henry Willard & wife to Abraham Childers...Signed: Abraham Childers & Elizabeth Childers. Witnesses: John Hargis & Berry Evans

DEHART, Elisha: m. SUSANNAH, heir (?) of Joseph Blair (RCV LOB 2:551, Apr 1798) (suit wherein Elisha Dehart and Susannah, wife sued Abraham Childers & Lucy (Blair), wife)

Abram Childers and Elizabeth his wife to Jessee Fuller.

130 pounds…40 acres North side of Clinch River.

Wit: John Hargis, Berry Evans /s/ Abraham Childers/s/ Elizabeth Childers

Russell Co VA Deed Bk 4 pg. 311----Feb. 6, 1810

Berry and Frances Evans to Abraham Childress…40 acres Clinch River.

Russell Co VA Deed Bk 4 pg. 424 Oct. 19, 1810 Feb. 3, 1811.

Abraham Childers and Elizabeth his wife of Russell Co to Michal Kelley $100…20 acres

Wit: Joseph Harrison, Gybson Jackson, William Kelley/s/ Abraham x Childers /s/ Elizabeth x Childers

Russell Co VA Deed Bk 4 pg. 440 Aug. 31, 1807 Sept. 4, 1811

Abraham Childers and wife Elizabeth to William Kelly… 200 pounds 2 tracts Clinch River being a part of Cornelious Roberts deceased survey. Beginning at the mouth Cores(?) Creek and running up the river to a clift of rock and from thence running with the conditional line made between Abraham Childers, Michael Kelley to the foot of a cedar hill thence with a new conditional line between said Childres and Kelley and with said line where the conditional comes to the line of said entry.

/s/ Abraham Childris

Russell Co VA Deed Bk 4 pg. 514 Nov. 9, 1809 June 5, 1810

Abraham Childers and wife Lucy to Thomas Black…55 pounds. 100 acres both sides of Copper Creek. Wit: William Glenn, Teague Quillan, Greenberry Evans. /s/ Abraham Childers /s/ Lucy x Childers

Russell Co VA Law Order Bk 6 pg. 45 June 2, 1818 ……This deed refers to Abraham Childers and Lucy not Elizabeth? There was no other Abraham Childers in Russell County in 1809. ·

Name:Abraham CHILDERS

Given Name: Abraham


Sex: M

Death: BEF 22 AUG 1814 in Floyd Co,KY 1

Event: resided 1809 Floyd Co,KY 1

Event: resided BEF 1809 Russell Co,VA 1

Note: Lucy and Abraham Childers had 4+ children 1

Marriage 1 Lucy (NOBLE, PERHAPS) b: BEF 1765 in VA,probably

  • Married: AFT 1795 1